Snack Box & Catering

Snack Box

Order conditions

  • Must purchase at least 30 orders.
  • Food will be delivered the next day.
  • Payment must be made by card only.
  • Purchasing a catering, snack box, or other event, the food please be paid 50% in advance before confirming the service and paying the remainder of the service fee on the day of service.
สแน็คบ็อกซ์ A

Snack Box A

52 .-

สแน็คบ็อกซ์ B

Snack Box B

84 .-

สแน็คบ็อกซ์ C

Snack Box C

84 .-

สแน็คบ็อกซ์ E

Snack Box E

95 .-

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